Four beauty essentials we ALWAYS lose!


We know we're not meant to sweat the small stuff, but God it's hard sometimes. Frantically searching for that one thing that will pull your entire look together is hugely stressful and that's the bottom line! 

If you've ever slid your finger in the crevice of a window sill looking for a hair pin or worn a 1980's headband because you couldn't find a bobbin, then ladies, you're not alone.

Here are just four beauty essentials designed to make us question our memories, vision and sanity.


You purchase a bumper pack of hair bobbins and promise yourself that you will use ONE until it breaks; at which point you will begin using the second bobbin in the pack, guaranteeing yourself enough bobbins from now until your dying day.

One week later, EVERY SINGLE BOBBIN has disappeared into thin air and you’re using an elastic band you found on your boyfriend’s bedroom floor.

Hair clips

Similar scenario to above, but not as easily remedied once you’ve realised that the thirty hair pins you bought three days ago have made a bid for freedom and you desperately need to pin your fringe back before the gym.

Paper clips, do they work? We’ll get back to you on that.

Lip salve

Vaseline, chapstick, carmex, lip balm, lip gloss; if it goes on your lips, you better not become too attached. You spend more time than you’d like to admit searching frantically for lip care while energetically gurning, don't you? The bottom of your bag, the floor of your car, the pocket of your jacket: nope nope, nope!

Where do they GO!


Due to its shape and size, eyeliner is one of the beauty essentials that manages to escape our clutches on a weekly basis. Hell hath no fury like a woman trying to locate a miniscule black stick in the dark abyss that is her handbag.

Could we put it on a string and attach it to our make-up bag? A quirky mitten-minder type solution, maybe? 

We're going to stop here because we're getting stressed.