Food all Irish people crave when living abroad

It’s no secret that when we go abroad we become more Irish than ever before. Even if you were a raw macrobiotic vegan at home, you will find yourself scouring the internet for Milky Moo’s or begging your mam to send more Lyons tea.

Here are the things you’re most likely to crave:

1. Club Orange/Lemon
Tommy’s favourite.

2. Tayto sandwich
Yes, you can now get Taytos most places but does it taste the same without Brennan’s bread and Kerrygold butter? No, no it doesn’t.

3. Bacon fries
A thousand empty packets scatter the pub’s tables every quiz night.

4. REAL butter
None of this “We can’t believe it’s not butter is it not no it tastes like real butter but it’s not” butter.

5. Barry’s or Lyon’s tea (no fighting please) with Irish bainne. 
We’ve tried to recreate our homely cup of tea and it turns out the secret is in the milk.

6. Floury potatoes
With a load of salt and butter please.