Five times you didn’t love your boyfriend’s friends

It is completely normal for your boyfriend's friends to get on your nerves sometimes, your friends probably get on his nerves too. Whether it rarely happens, or always happens, here are five times when you were most certainly not wanting to be around "the lads".

1. When your romantic plans are replaced by the dreaded "lads night".
It's cool, not like I shaved my legs or anything…

2. When they mention your boyfriend's ex-girlfriend 
It's even worse when they say they liked her and she was a laugh. By "a laugh" do you mean evil? 

3. When they need him to help them "pull" in a group of good looking girls
"Have fun 🙂 xx" Abort mission, ABORT MISSION

4. When they tell you you're overreacting
Ssshhh, you weren't even there.

5. When they ask what time you're going home so they can come over
Just come over, girls aren't dangerous creatures that should be avoided (not all the time anyway). 

Never fear, ladies, eventually they will start to accept you as one of the lads and once those FIFA dates start you'll be wishing things never changed.  Good luck…