Feel the blues! Pay homage to the 90s with trending ‘denim’ hair


While we are thankful that denim never really goes out of fashion, we were not expecting this beloved fabric to become party of our beauty regime too. 

Yep, this summer we very well may be whipping out denim hues as blue becomes the colour of the season. 

So-called 'denim hair' or 'jair' is currently trending across social media as girls attempt to match up their hair tone to their jeans. 


Denim hair rage by Trish #denimhair #silverhair #steelhair #leslievillehair #torontohair

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No really. 

Having been sported previously by brave celebs such as Nicole Richie and Hilary Duff, the soft blue hues are actually quite wearable when applied softly to the hair. 

Could you pull it off?