Fat burning foods that will help you lose weight

Brazil nuts
Tasty and full of nutritional value.  Brazil nuts are tiny fat burners that can boost your metabolism by converting the thyroid hormone into its fully active state.

Chia Seeds
Don’t look the most appetising but these seeds are filled with omega-3 fats, protein and fibre which can help suppress your appetite.

Salmon Fillets
The protein in salmon has been proven to help create a toned stomach. Salmon strips can help decrease abdominal fat and the omega-3 improves insulin sensitivity which will shrink your stomach.

Usually something you have to grow to like, but oysters only have 50 calories per six clams and is also high in zinc which again can help decrease your appetite.

While it’s not a good idea to rely on the drink coffee too much, it has been proven that it simulates adrenaline, which then relays a message to the stored fat to in fact start burning the fat. It is a good drink to have about 20 minutes before a workout because of the energy and intensity it gives you.  But make sure its black coffee as milk can slow down the burning process.