Fan fury as inappropriate photo of Harry Styles is posted online


In an age where everything down to a celebrity’s dinner plate is worthy of an Instagram like, it’s sometimes hard to know where to draw a line with what to share, and what not to share.

Well, one snap-happy One Direction fan learned this the hard way, after receiving a tonne of backlash for sharing a photo of Harry Style getting sick!

Did anyone need to see that? Really?

It seems that poor old Harry was feeling a little worse for wear after attending Lily Allen’s party over the weekend, and had the misfortune of having to pull over and be sick at the side of the road the next day.

It’s bad enough that Harry was clearly dealing with a horrific hangover, but for someone to actually photograph the scene and share it on social media is a pretty awful situation.

Needless to say, the culprit has faced major backlash from Harry’s legion of fans, and rightly so, we think!

Poor Harry! We hope he’s feeling a bit better. At least he can rest easy in the comforting knowledge that his fans will always be there to stand up for him.