Everyone deserves an outdoor haven


Everyone needs an outdoor haven but living in an apartment means that you only have a tiny amount of space to work with; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it.

Fairy lights are not just for Christmas and are a great way to create an atmosphere, but just make sure they are outdoor lights. Drape them over potted plants, pin them to the wall or string them through your balcony railings.

You don’t need to have green fingers to be able to keep a few potted plants alive. Choose brightly coloured pots and fill them full of plants – go for bright flowers with bright petals. Tie ribbons around for added luxury.

You won’t be able to relax without a few chairs. A plastic one piled with cushions is a cheap way to go. Don’t forget to take the cushions in when the weather changes though.

Feeling the chill? Invest in some candles. Pick up a couple of lanterns in your local garden centre or line up a few tea lights to create a real relaxing area.