Engagement parties: What people say and what they mean

Whether it’s from fellow guests or the engaged couple themselves, you and your boyfriend are bound to face awkward questions and curious remarks whenever the pair of you show up at the latest engagement party.

Some of these questions and comments may seem relatively straightforward, but believe us, they’re not.

If you and your other half need a little help deciphering the meaning behind some of these remarks, then why not refer to our handy guide to save yourselves time and confusion at the next loved-up bash.

Hell, just print out a few copies and stash them in your pockets for future reference.

1. "So how long have you two been together now?"

Implication: You’ve been dating even longer than we have, but we’re engaged. What’s the problem?

2. "Remind me, how did you two meet again?"

Implication: Have a good story because, take it from me, you’ll be made repeat it fifty times at your engagement party.

3. "Will you ever make an honest woman of her, hah?"

Implication: I don’t even know what this really means, but I’ve heard people say it at other engagement parties so I thought I’d go for it and I think I pulled it off.

4. "Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to aim the bouquet in your direction."

Implication: You actually want to get married, right? I mean, you get to have an engagement party.

5. "Are you pair still living in sin?"

Implication: That’s a grand set-up, you have there, lad.

6. "Well, did you ever think you’d see the day!"

Implication: Your man used to cheat on her every weekend. I know it, you know it, the whole bloody town knows it, so what's all this about?

7. "Nice spread, all the same."

Implication: That pair wouldn’t spend Christmas normally, but they went all-out for this bash in fairness.

8. "Good turn-out. There’s your man."

Implication: I’d never have put this pair down as Mr. and Mrs. Popularity.

9. "The wedding will have a lot to live up to after this bash."

Implication: This is a tacky, over-the-top affair and I’m only here because it’s my son's party and my wife made me.

10. "It’ll be you two next."

Implication: It'll be you two next.