Ellie lectures crowd mid-performance and BOOING starts!


Ellie Goulding went into parent-mode yesterday when a fight broke out at in the crowd of the Eden Project recently.

The singer was making her way through her hit Anything Could Happen when blows began to be thrown between a group of girls in the crowd.

Addressing the girls, Ellie said: “Girls, what’s up? That song is supposed to be about happiness, not fights … No drink throwing, it’s really annoying and it’s bloody sticky.”

That we certainly agree with, Ellie!

When the girls attempted to explain to Ellie why they were fighting (time and place anyone?!) they were met with boos by the rest of the crowd who wanted the singer to continue her performance.

However, Ellie wasn’t happy with them either: “Stop booing. Booing isn’t nice.”

The Starry Eyed singer then let the crowd know exactly what she thought before finishing, saying: “quite a laddish crowd tonight, fights breaking out, drinks spilling.”

Don’t mess with Ellie!