At last! Louis’s ex Eleanor Calder comes out of hiding

Louis Tomlinson’s ex-girlfriend Eleanor Calder has been keeping pretty quiet on the social media front ever since the news broke last week that Louis is an expectant father.

The stunning 23-year-old model was travelling around America with friends and she has just returned home and posted a photo of her and her adorable dog, captioning it: “Missed my baby.”


Missed my baby..

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Ms Calder was said to be devastated at the news of Briana Jungwirth’s pregnancy, given that her and Louis only split up two months previously after four years of dating.

According to Eleanor was “sickened” and “heart-broken” when she heard the news. It was also reportedly Louis’ mum who broke the news to her, as they still remain close.

With her 23rd birthday just last week, it was also reported that Louis sent his ex some really sweet gifts. A source claims that he sent her 23 sunflowers, 23 white roses and a stuffed elephant teddy with a happy birthday note in it.

The source has said that “he’s been telling Eleanor that no one can compare to her. Louis feels like he let Eleanor down and for that he’s really sorry.”