Don’t look now, Jennifer… but Ben seems to ALREADY be moving on


Just a few weeks after the announcement that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are divorcing, it is now being reported that Ben is dating a new woman.

And not just any woman, either – the family nanny too. 

Yes, the 42-year-old is seemingly to be dating their children's minder, who was hired in the last year to look after the couple's two daughters and a son.

Christine Ouzounian is from California and is employed by a high-end nanny service in the Beverly Hills area. 

US Weekly says that, according to sources close to Ben and Jennifer, Christine was hired to look after Violet, Seraphina and Samual during the couple's trial separation period – a period which is said to have lasted around ten months. 

A friend of Christine's told Us Weekly that with Jennifer away filming, the 28-year-old was often left alone with Ben: "They would hang out with the kids and they were very flirty," the source claimed.

And it has been reported that the nanny was fired from the job when Jennifer sensed there was something going on with her and Ben. 

Still, it is alleged that Ben feels terrible about the whole situation, and has remained in constant contact with his younger friend.

His representatives have already dismissed the rumours as "garbage".

It is almost a month since Hollywood stars Ben and Jen announced the end of their ten year marriage, although the pair have both been spotted out and about still wearing their wedding rings.