Does this decision mean it’s officially over for the pair?


We assumed that Kim and Kanye would be over the moon at the thought of their first Christmas together as a married couple. Well, how wrong were we!?

The pair, who got married in Italy in May, can’t compromise with each other about where to spend their Christmas Day so it looks like they’ll be spending it apart.

Kanye isn’t particularly interested in the annual Christmas Eve party that his mother-in-law Kris is throwing and insiders have said: “Kanye just isn’t feeling it this year.”  Jeez.

The 37-year-old rapper has made it clear that he would rather spend the holiday in Paris with Kim and North so that he can continue working over the festive season, but that was met with major negativity.

A source commenting on the issue revealed that feisty Kim put her foot down and insisted that North will be celebrating with her extended family and said: “Kim absolutely refuses to even consider spending Christmas in Paris. She has said there will be no way North would be away from the cousins.” 

Either way, it doesn't look like North will get to spend the special day with both her parents, something which will be hard for the gorgeous toddler.

Deciding not to spend your first Christmas together as a married couple isn’t exactly a good sign for the future of the relationship, is it?