Does Beyoncé have something big to share with us?


Remember when Beyoncé dropped a secret album and the world went into utter meltdown?

Well, brace yourselves, because word on the street is that she’s about to do it again.

The singer’s fans are convinced that she’s planning to release her next album in a fortnight’s time, and gathering pieces of evidence to prove it.

A supposed track list and “release confirmation” has popped up on social media, boasting collaborations with Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Justin Timberlake.

The document states November 14th as the release date for a digital album, with and a four-disc physical version, including a DVD of her ‘On the Run’ tour with husband Jay-Z, following later in the month.

While this could just be a big hoax, it has sent Beyoncé’s fans into excitement overload.

We’re just going to have to wait and see!

We’ll keep you all updated, although you can be sure that the Internet will be blaring this news if and when it is confirmed.