Do you really need vitamin tablets?

According to experts, our fondness for popping vitamin tablets is having negative effects on our health.

Irish consumers spent a whopping €16million on vitamin supplements in 2012 and it seems that many needn’t have bothered.

Dr Mary Flynn, who works at the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, says that people who don’t have any mineral or vitamin deficiencies are harming themselves by getting in on the craze.

Now for the science bit – Richelle Flanagan, president of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute, claims: “Taking high levels of folic acid can mask an undiagnosed B12 deficiency, which is common among older people, and that it can interfere with cancer treatment. I’ve had cases where pregnant women were taking supplements with vitamin A in them, which can lead to birth defects.”

If your diet is fairly healthy and you are sticking to the trusty food pyramid you don’t need to spend a fortune on vitamin tablets.

Save your money and treat yourself to something nice. – you can never have too many shoes.