Did Chris Hemsworth just diss his brother’s ex Miley?!


It sounds like Chris Hemsworth may not be Miley Cyrus’ biggest fan after these comments!

The Thor star was talking to GQ magazine about his brother Liam’s past mistakes saying: “I’ve watched Liam do things I did at his age, like being in relationships he shouldn’t be in, or reckless just to prove a point. And I had no empathy. My mom had to remind me I was the same way.”

Ouch! We’re glad Mrs. Hemsworth (who is something of a legend around here for obvious reasons) is sticking up for her youngest son and his choice in women!

Liam and Miley were engaged from 2012 until their relationship ended in September 2013. Miley is now dating Patrick Schwarzenegger, son of the actor Arnold. 

However, despite their break-up Liam doesn't have a bad word to say about Miley, telling Nylon magazine back in October: "there's no bad blood there."