Devastating moments in the lives of retail workers


If you’ve ever worked in retail, you will know only too well the frustration, irritation and seething anger you endure on a daily basis.

Whether it’s fellow workers that do your head in or those damn customers getting on your last nerve, earning a living on the shop floor is not easy and requires more patience than any of us were ever born with.

Here are just some of the issues faced by shop workers on a daily basis.

1. The moment you encounter a customer who thinks the price of a garment is determined by you, and you alone.

Ah, just take it! They weren’t selling at €70 anyway. Sure, go mad and take a few!    

2. The moment a customer skids under the shutters at closing time and proceeds to browse aimlessly.

What did I ever do to you, ma’am?

3. The moment you realise you're working with someone who thinks till roll changes itself, hangers find their way into the hanger bins on their own and accessory stands tidy themselves.

No, seriously you’re sound. Really, really sound.

4. The moment you pull back a fitting room curtain to reveal 17 crumpled garments in a pile against the mirror.

I’m a good person. I don't deserve this.

5. The moment you're faced with a customer who insists they haven’t worn a garment that smells of dog biscuits and vodka.

I believe you, but let me go get the manager.

6. The moment a customer acts like it's your fault that a particular garment isn't in stock.

Just give me two minutes and I'll whip one up on the sewing machine we keep in the back.

7. The moment a manager guilt trips you into staying late.

Hell is filled with people like you, madam.

8. The moment you check the floor plan and see that you're on 'standards' for the day.

There goes my will to live.

9. The moment your buddy finishes their shift for the day, but you have five more hours to go.

Promise you'll never forget me.

10. The moment your manager hands you your hours for the Christmas sale.

One day I will be dead and none of this will matter.