‘Devastated’ – heartbreak for Spice Girl two months after engagement


There is heartbreak for Geri Halliwell only two months after her engagement to Formula One chief, Christian Horner, as it has been revealed that his family are less than pleased about the union. 

It has been reported that Christian’s parents have been left devastated following their son’s engagement announcement to the Spice Girl back in November, as a source said: “You can say that his parents are absolutely devastated. We won’t be going to the wedding.”

Their unhappiness at the engagement is believed to be because Christian left his partner of fourteen years mere months after the birth of their first child, Olivia, which was acknowledged by a source who said: “There is a lot more to this story that people know about – do to with his ex-partner.”

Geri and Christian went public with their relationship back in March and in November a public announcement of their engagement was made in The Times that read: "Mr C.E.J. Horner OBE and Geri Halliwell. The engagement is announced between Christian, son of Mr and Mrs G.M. Horner and Geraldine, daughter of the late Mr L.F. Halliwell and Mrs A Parkinson.”

Geri is a mum to one daughter, seven-year-old Bluebell from a previous relationship.