Creating the perfect office or study space


It’s difficult to study or work from bed (no matter how hard we try) because we associate it with sleep and rest.

In the same way, it is difficult to study or work in the living room because we normally watch TV and switch off mentally in there.

A space needs to be created in which you can stimulate yourself and be in full mental capacity. Use our tips to make your creative space a haven.

1. A window
A space with a window means you will be able to air the room efficiently and this will drastically improve your concentration. Rooms that are hot and stuffy may feel cosy but will also make you feel sleepy.

2. Plants
Having one or two plants in your study/work space will allow the air to be purified as well as aesthetically pleasing. See which plants require the least attention. 

3. Inspirational quote
Hang up some inspirational quotes, either your own ones or famous ones, to remind yourself what you are working so hard towards and what you want to achieve.

4. Brightness
A bright room with lots of natural light will be more enjoyable to work in as well as more stimulating for the mind. Light coloured furnishing and walls will help you concentrate better than darker colours which are more associated with relaxing.

5. Noticeboards
Use one noticeboard for important reminders and another for more fun things like photos of friends and family, funny quotes, cinema stubs etc.