Indestructible houseplants


Plants are really important in a home not only to add atmosphere and decoration but also to help purify the air.

It can be difficult with a busy, hectic lifestyle to find the time to care for plants which is why they inevitably die.

We’ve chosen our favourite indoor plants that require little attention and maintenance while still getting all of the benefits of having greenery in your home – perfect!

1. Rubber Plant
This plant requires medium light and is quite a striking plant to have in your home.


2. Peace Lily
The perfect Irish home plant this requires low light and low humidity.


3. English Ivy
This pretty plant requires moist soil and a cooler temperature than many other indoor plants.


4. Jade Plant
This is a really long-lasting plant that requires little watering but bright light so keep it on a window sill for maximum growth.


5. Aspidistra elatior
This plant is nicknamed the “cast-iron” plant as it is virtually indestructible surviving in the hands of even the most negligent of owners. Low light and low humidity.