Clarins’ new Nutri-Lumière range is the enhancing, revitalizing and firming boost your skin needs


As we age and our skin weathers the ups and downs of the onslaught of cold weather, temperature control systems and increased pollution, we need skincare that can keep up with our busy and challenging lives.

We’re always on the go, so we need a skincare range as dynamic, active, connected, and focused on well-being as we are that can do the heavy lifting for us. Clarins has always listened to women to meet their skin care needs, and today addresses women who often say that, beyond a lack of radiance and suppleness, their skin has started to take on a “sallow” look as they age.

Dull skin is nothing new – but Clarins' way to combat it is.

Introducing Nutri-Lumière Revive: the brand-new discovery that makes it possible to fight against any ‘yellowing’ the skin might undergo as well as restore skin’s radiance by reflecting light from the inside for women who feel good about their age!

New Nutri -Lumière Revive targets three of women’s most important concerns: revitalising, enhancing and firming.

Complete with anti-ageing action for revitalized, plumped skin and smoothed wrinkles, the 8 organic plant extracts that act on skin are: organic wakame extract, organic harungana extract, organic oat sugars, organic desert date extract, organic leaf of life extract, organic jojoba oil, organic shea butter and organic flower extract from horse chestnut.

Each of these unique ingredients help prevent glycation, a phenomenon linked to age: it impacts the skin’s micro-nutrient network by affixing sugars onto collagen fibres and this “caramelisation” of collagen fibres is responsible for causing the skin to take on a yellow tint.

Clarins is taking colour correction to the next level with the immediate skin-enhancing action of combining illuminating pearls and the cream’s violet-tinted texture. Thanks to this optical correction of the colour yellow, the skin immediately regains its luminosity, your complexion looking transformed!

The Nutri-Lumière skin care range is focused on radiant skin and has something for every part of your skincare routine.

Renewing treatment essence

A smooth, rich, gentle toner that is the first step in a daily skin care routine, indispensable for removing dead skin cells – the best way to prepare skin for products that follow. Perfect for your morning and evening routine.

Nutri-Lumière Jour

With a sensorial cream-to-oil texture, the smooth cream turns into an oil upon application that deeply nourishes, revitalises and restores skin’s radiance. Non-greasy and lightweight, fine and light, this emulsion blends over the skin and releases its ingredients, without ever feeling oily or sticky, and is especially ideal in warmer weather since it is so lightweight!

Nutri-Lumière Nuit

This comforting, ultra-smooth night cream fuses effortlessly with the skin. Rich and enveloping, it promotes a feeling of well-being while working deep down in the skin. Your skin looks radiant and full of vitality every single morning.

Nutri-Lumière Revive

A violet-tinted cream-to-oil texture that feels smooth and rich. It optically corrects skin and promotes unique radiance. It revitalises and deeply nourishes the skin. It’s the ideal 2-in-1 day cream that offers complete anti-ageing benefits and immediate skin enhancing results.

87% of users in their trial said that their complexion looked less yellow 81% said their skin appeared firmer and a major 92% felt their skin looked more luminous after use. Dullness has no place in your skin routine with this rich and clarifying range available from mid-February on