Cheryl makes a BIG statement with this decision!


Newly-wed Cheryl Cole is saying ‘cheerio’ to her ‘Mrs C’ tattoo!

Cheryl had the tribute to ex-hubby Ashley Cole inked on the back of her neck after their wedding in 2006.

But following her surprise marriage to Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, she is desperate to get rid of it.

Cheryl has already had a consultation with US ink artist Nikko Hurtado, the man behind her ­epic ‘rose bum’ tattoo last year.

And she has asked him to fly over to London to remove the tattoo ASAP!

The X Factor judge is said to be in a rush to have the ink removed as a sign of respect for her new hubby, and to show Ashley that she’s moved on in a massive way.

It looks like the writing is well and truly on the…neck with this one Ashley!