Cheryl Cole faces grilling about bum tattoo live on air


Having your backside completely covered in a tattoo can’t have been a bed of roses – or was it?

Cheryl Cole very reluctantly opened up about THAT famous bum tattoo, after being grilled by radio presenters Dave Berry and Lisa Snowden on their show this morning.

The singer first unveiled the huge tattoo of English roses – which took more than 15 hours to have done in Los Angeles last summer.

Dave asked the Say My Name singer outright,  “Your famous bum tattoo? That must have hurt right?”

Cheryl only replied, “Yes,” to which Dave asked, “It’s a very sensitive area?”

And the 30-year-old X Factor judge coyly answered him with an “okay.”

Dave also asked where it actually starts and finishes to which Cheryl said, “It starts at the middle of me back and who knows where it finishes.”

And when Lisa asked, “Is it all over each cheek?” Cheryl winked back to confirm it.

The singer, who has around 20 tattoos in total, went on the show to promote her new single Crazy, Stupid Love, and ended up getting a little flirty with Dave who asked her if she wanted to go on a date and told her she had ‘pretty eyes’.

A big fan of the bum tattoos are we then Dave?