Charlie Sheen has been forced to HALF his child support payments


Apparently, Charlie Sheen is in major financial trouble! 

The actor's ex wives, Denis Richards and Brooke Mueller, have agreed to half their child support payments.

This may seem like a really nice thing, but the two women are afraid that if Charlie ends up in court, the payments would totally stop. 

The women have each been receiving €50,000 a month, but have agreed to only accept €20,000 from now on. 

According to TMZ, Charlie Sheen is making "next to nothing" at the moment, despite his impressive acting history. 

Apparently Charlie threw in some pricey real estate for his twe ex-wives, and has also committed to acting in a show alongside Denise.

TMZ also reported that Charlie is "liquidating his assets, because he's facing a slew of legal claims." 

Hopefully he gets sorted soon!