Caught on camera: Iggy Azalea is MAJORLY trolled by a randomer


Before news broke that Iggy Azalea had called time on her relationship with Nick Young it looks like the Australian rapper was already having a rough enough time of it.

In footage which has been uploaded to YouTube, Iggyy was seen being approached by a randomer while waiting for a flight at a New York airport this week.

Remarkably pleasant to someone who was openly filming her, Iggy was reminded that trolling isn't always the reserve of keyboard warriors.

After approaching the 26-year-old star, the sarky randomer clearly couldn't wait to deliver his one-liner, saying: "Are you Iggy Azalea? I would just like to thank you so much for ruining hiphop."

Walking off with a delighted laugh, Iggy was left standing there in a moment which has been watched more than 65,000 times online since its upload on Sunday.

Ah lads, our hearts!