Pasta and pies galore! But what does the Body Coach NEVER eat?

If you're a fan of Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, you'll know that in addition to promoting a healthy way of life, the fitness and nutrition guru advocates hearty meals and treating yourself on the regular.

And while it seemed Joe's 'eat more, exercise less and lose weight' approach sounded a little too good to be true, there's no denying the results.


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Indeed, his best-selling Lean in 15 books are chock-full of recipes which you're unlikely to find in standard 'diet' book, and yet his clients have undergone some of the most incredible 90-day transformations even seen online.

And with carbonara, curry and cakes up for grabs, what exactly would the Body Coach refuse to eat?


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According to a recent interview he did with The Business Insider, Joe will not eat frozen ready meals or anything deep fried.

When asked what is officially 'off' the list, he responded: "Frozen ready meals and any deep fried stuff."

"It's the oils they use that aren't food for you, rather than [whatever is in them, like] the chicken. They're cheap, so they use all sorts of crap," he added.


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But as any Body Coach fan will know, Joe never deprives himself, telling the publication that he simply opts for homemade versions.

"I like to make healthy versions of popcorn chicken, healthy burgers, and healthy homemade pizzas, so I never feel deprived," he insisted.

Joe will be heading to Dublin this summer, so you can find out more from him then!