Caffeine crazy? Why you should be drinking tea over coffee

If you're lucky enough to be a lover of both tea and coffee, you are better off drinking more tea. Here are five reasons why.

1. Tea will keep you going for longer
While both contain caffeine, the coffee high ends quicker meaning that for a day of work it will not last as long as the effects of tea.

2. Tea has more antioxidants
These will help you look and feel great, and tea is full of them.

3. Tea is better for your weight
Green tea can help you to lose weight and the only weight gaining option to add to your tea is sugar. Now let's have a look at that large, double caramel frappuccino with extra cream, shall we…

4. Tea can help to reduce stress
While the reason is unknown, we all know a good old cuppa lifts us slightly in our darkest hours.

5. Tea can be good for your teeth
Tea stains your teeth less than coffee. The tannins can also kill bacteria that cause cavities.