Are you broke AF? Six reasons why IRELAND is always worth exploring


There has never been a more popular time to go city hopping, with weekend breaks as cheap as chips, thanks to the many low cost airlines.

And while gushing over the merits of Italy, Slovenia, Poland, or Belgium is inevitable – we shouldn't forget the gems on our own doorsteps either.

Nor should you wait for out-of-town visitors to give you the nudge you need.

However, if you still need some convincing as to why this is such a great idea, here are six reasons you NEED to explore your city today:

1. You’ll learn something new

No one knows EVERYTHING there is to know about where they live, so you’ll at least learn something new.

2. You will meet new people

You can never have too many friends, or know too many people. Sometimes chatting to a perfect stranger in a pub can be so enlightening.

3. It can be refreshing

Strolling around your town when you have the time to take in the sights can be so relaxing, not to mention eye-opening.

With the hustle and bustle of the daily commute, we sometimes forget the beauty that surrounds us.

4. Culture

There are so many fascinating places to visit throughout Ireland, such as the National History Museum in Dublin, the Ballincollig gunpowder mills in Cork, Lismore Castle in Waterford, the Battle of Aughrim visitor centre in Galway, and the Carromore Megalithic cemetery in Sligo, so you will be spoiled for choice. You will also benefit by expanding your knowledge on your country’s heritage.

5. You will be inspired

We all draw inspiration from different things. Exploring your city could inspire you to write, travel more, or learn more about the history of your country, and its people.

6. Get an alternative view

No doubt there is at least one viewing point in your city or town. After you have explored the streets, it can be so nice to see the panoramic view during the day or at night. Looking at the city lights at night is beautiful, and magical.

Go forth, explore, and stay curious!

Photos from around Ireland, Credit to Discover Ireland.