British actor slams Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian’s “massive thighs”


Rupert Everett has made some not-so-nice comments about Queen B, Kim K, Rihanna, and just about every other curvy woman in the world.

The Stardust actor told Mail Online in an interview over the weekend: “I grew up with the ideal of female beauty being delicate with long, slim legs.”

Not stopping there (oh, how we wish he had), Rupert went on to describe just what he thought of women with curvier figures, “Now it’s terribly ‘in’ for women to have these huge great legs with massive thighs.”

“Rihanna has them, Kim Kardashian has them, Beyoncé has them, with her elephant ankles and gigantic a*** … I think it’s the reason all these big, clumpy shoes are fashionable – to support these huge legs they all have.”

Wow, he seems like a super sound guy.