Brace yourself for fireworks as Leo’s ex joins the new series of MIC


There’s bound to be fireworks in the next series of Made in Chelsea as a new character promises to put Spencer Matthew’s love interests on edge.

The brand-new character joining the King’s Road crew in the seventh series of the show this summer is Emma Miller, who counts Leonardo DiCaprio and Jesse Metcalfe in her ex-files. Lucky Emma!

While the 23-year-old model and Spencer are meant to be ‘just friends’, rumours are flying that the love rat has his beady eye on her. Well, she does have a pulse and a Prada purse after all.

Emma is also a fashion blogger who has shot campaigns for Avon and Diane Von Furstenberg and looks set to give Spencer’s other love interests – Lucy Watson for one – a run for her money.

Spencer better act fast though as his ex-girlfriend Stephanie Pratt is due to fly over from LA to film more scenes for the show.

Bring on the drama.