Beyoncé sparks baby rumours AND causes controversy


Beyoncé is no stranger to pregnancy rumours – and this time is no different. Recent photos of her family holiday to Thailand have gotten people speculating that she and her husband, Jay-Z, may be expecting their second child.

While we’re not too sure about that (it’s just after the Christmas holidays to be fair, we all look a bit pregnant) the singer has also angered a lot of people thanks to her holiday snaps.

World Animal Protection have hit out at Beyoncé and her husband after photos of a baby tiger posing with the family were posted, saying: "A tiger is not a plaything." According to The Mirror, wildlife expert, Dr Jan Schmidt-Burbach has blasted the star over the photos, saying: “holiday snaps like these support an industry that relied on animal cruelty.”

The couple also visited Cambodia and Burma, choosing to spend Christmas in Thailand not long after their trip to Iceland. Jealous, us? Totally!