Benvenuti in Italia, Penneys… our favourite retailer goes international


Following its founding on Dublin’s Mary Street back in the Sixties, Penneys has muscled its way into the likes of the UK, Germany, Portugal, and Spain.

It will also shortly open its first store in the US.

And today it was announced that the popular discount retailer will furthermore expand into Italy, following a successful launch in France 18months ago.

With the first branches opening within a year, the company says it has initially committed to three Penneys Italia stores for 2016 alone.

"The research that we've done would indicate that there is a very good market in Italy for the Primark concept," the company told Reuters

Penneys now operates in more than 250 stores in nine countries. Ireland – lucky us! – has 38 Penneys stores alone.

The largest store that Penneys, which operates as Primark elsewhere, runs is the sprawling 14,500sq metre branch in Manchester.

The first US store will be unveiled in Boston in September.