‘At war with monsters’ Tay thinks Kimye have more up their sleeve


Over the course of just four days, Kim Kardashian has gone from reality television superstar to the woman single-handedly responsible for the possible collapse of the Taylor Swift empire.

And with Taylor refusing to comment publicly – aside from a brief response on Instagram – one could be forgiven for thinking that the Grammy Award-winning star had managed to turn the other cheek, and is simply waiting for the dust to settle.

But it sounds like the mood in the Taylor camp is far from chill right now, with the Blank Space singer admitting she's terrified Kimye have more up their sleeve.

"At this point Taylor does not know what to expect, she feels like they are capable of anything," an insider told HollywoodLife.

"She wouldn’t even be shocked if they pulled some sort of shady editing to make it look like she agreed to stuff that she didn’t," the source continued. "Taylor feels like she’s at war with monsters, it’s very scary."

According to the source, Taylor is feeling particularly conflicted right now and is deliberating between making her voice heard and wanting the whole situation to go away.

"She wants to stand up for herself but she’s also afraid of dragging it on, in some ways suing them is just going to be giving them what they want."

"But she is very clear that she had no idea that the call was being recorded, which means she can go after them in court,” the insider explained.

“Right now Taylor‘s taking the time to decide if she wants to keep the negativity going and sue them or just try to put this behind her. She does really want to clear her name though, so the word is she’s leaning towards suing."

We can only imagine Kimye's response to that.