Angelina’s ‘bored and sloppy’ comments stun everyone!


Sloppy is not a word we’d use to describe Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie, but she certainly seems to think she is, telling the Hollywood Reporter that there were times in her career when she’s gotten “bored and sloppy.”

The acclaimed actress has recently tried her hand at directing and her efforts have been met with worldwide praise, but it seems her decision to direct was because the day job just wasn’t doing it for her anymore!

Opening up about how acting makes her feel, the Changeling star said: “I don’t want to be in hair and makeup, I don’t want to be in wardrobe, I don’t want to have to stand on a mark or emote. It makes me feel like a caged tiger.” We’re so surprised to hear this from one of the industry’s most revered actresses!

Speculating on the future, the mum-of-six said: “I never had a plan for my life. If suddenly tomorrow I couldn’t do anything, I could deal with that. I’d be happy at home being a mom.”

The Unbroken director says she’s always listened to her gut, so if leaving the movie industry suited her we’re sure she’d have no problem doing so!