And the most erotic word in the English language is…


A psychologist has read through over 300,000 erotic stories to find the English language’s most erotic, or commonly used word.

So, what is the word that gets us all hot but certainly not bothered the most? Well, we were really expecting something groundbreaking. But no. The word most commonly found in erotic stories is…cock. Charming.

Dr Mark Allen Thornton compiled the most commonly used words in sexy stories and we have to say that once we saw what the second most-used word was, we were happy about number one…

Here’s some of the other commonly found words in the psychologist's findings:

  • Cock
  • Mom (We told you)
  • Pussy
  • Master
  • Mouth
  • Tongue
  • Blood (Umm…!)
  • Wife
  • A**hole
  • Mistress

So, there you have it, the words that technically turn us all on the most. There's definitely a few in there we have a few concerns about to be honest!