Sound! Amy Schumer left a HUGE tip while dining out in Dublin


We love Amy Schumer purely because she's so hilarious, but it turns out she's a pretty sound gal too.

Amy was in Dublin this week (which sent her Irish fans into overdrive) and decided to have some grub before her show last night.

The comedian went to Doheny & Nesbitt on Baggot Street, and when leaving, left a $100 tip for the waitress.


Thank you Dublin we had the best time!

A photo posted by @amyschumer on

Instagram user Joey Bagnall shared a picture of Amy's receipt and $100 bill beside it.

He captioned the snap: “Big shoutout to @amyschumer for being a sound customer when I was trying to run the Cellar Bar by myself tonight and an even bigger shout out to her and her friend for managing to stomach 4 main courses! 

"Your tip has made this waitresses day, maybe week. Best of luck with your show! #amyschumer.”

How sound!