Actress shares heartbreaking throwback snap


Actress Jaime King shared a heartbreaking throwback photo of herself recently.

The image features the actress as a younger woman, about 16-years-old, when she was struggling with heroin and alcohol dependency.

Taken by her former boyfriend, who sadly passed away in 1997, Davide Sorrenti, Jaime remembers her past love: “Oh Davide, we got into so much trouble with this picture. At least we know the depth of what we were capturing #lostart #thislifeisprecious.”

Davide died of a kidney ailment thought to be caused by excessive use of heroin. He and Jaime were dating at the time of his death.

Following his death, the young Jaime received help for her addiction issues and went on to become a successful actress. She is now mum to one-year-old cutie, James.