Actress confirms she has split from boyfriend


Following Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop’s break-up, there must be something in the air over in Hollywood!

Disney sweetheart, Bella Thorne, has revealed that her relationship with Tristan Klier has come to an end.

The former couple had been dating since 2012.

The star confirmed the split over Twitter recently when she responded to one followers question as to if they were still together, replying simply: “no, I’m not.”

Bella also hinted that things perhaps went wrong due to a lack of honesty of Tristan part when one follower spoke about the split, saying: “I’m so sorry to hear that Bella… One day you’ll find your Prince Charming” to which the star cryptically replied: “or honesty.”

Eek – we wonder what he has been up to?!

Tristan also confirmed the break-up over his social media, writing: “Whether it’s trips to different countries or an awesome beach house, uve done it all. I know I wasn’t always the most appreciative but know it’s meant the world and more to me and I couldn’t have enjoyed it any better. I’ll never forget it, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.”