A comprehensive guide to life’s little pleasures


While this time of year is meant to be filled with joy and cheer, it’s also easy to get bogged down in the less-than-perfect aspects of the season: the weather, the over-spending, the intense family-time, the brussel sprouts and did we mention the weather?

With this in mind, we thought a list of life’s little pleasures may be just the remedy if you’re feeling a little more Scrooge-like than you expected at the moment.

Feast your eyes on some of the non-festive treats life throws at us on a daily basis and get yourself back on track pronto!

1. The feeling of wearing new socks or underwear.
Oh man, that’s so soft.


2. The joy of having the exact right change for the bus.
And not a cent more for you, Dublin Bus!

3. The feeling of triumph when you slide through the doors of the train in the NICK of time.
Nailed it.

4. Climbing into a freshly-made bed after a long, hot shower.
Ohhhh, sensory overload.

5. Not having to set your alarm to get up the next morning.
I win this round, snooze button.

6. Inhaling your favourite scent and immediately being transported to a happy time in your life.
It’s like magic.

7. Getting a haircut that accurately reflects exactly what you asked for.
Who knew this could happen?!

8. Being inundated with likes and comments for your latest Facebook status.
Everybody loves you!

9. Doing an impression that makes everybody burst out laughing.
Next stop; Broadway!

10. Checking your bank account and realising the damage isn't anywhere near as bad as you anticipated!
I am the queen of my own finances right now.