A Britney Spears and Too Faced Collab? We’re so totally into this

To be honest, we're kind of surprised Britney has never done a make-up collab before.

She was our spirit animal growing up, and all of us wanted to look like her after she made the film Crossroads.

Well, the co-founder of make-up brand Too Faced has made us very excited with his latest social media post.

Jerrod Blandino took to Instagram to share a picture of what looks like a new eyeshadow prototype with the caption, "I'm a slave for you."


I'm a slave for you #toofaced

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Ring a bell?

Obviously, Britney fans hit the roof, and the rumour mill quickly went into overdrive.

One fan wrote, ""If this is a Britney collab I will love you forever Too Faced," while another said, ""OMG PLEASE BE BRITNEY COLLAB PLEASE."

Too Faced said that they couldn't confirm anything at the moment, but we're hoping a Britney collab is on the way.

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