A Beyoncé fitness class is kicking off in Dublin – & brunch is included

Don your leopards, single ladies, because a Beyoncé fitness class has come to town once again.

The class is by Fearless Moves, a Dublin fitness initiative that combines epic tunes with an energetic work out. 

Hosted in Salad Box, by the 3 Arena, the events are followed by a delicious brunch right after the workout. 

The next session, scheduled for March 30th, is themed after some huge divas in the music scene – from Bey to Lady Gaga.

 The circuit class promises to make you sweat, but beginners are welcome. 

'SESSION NEWS! We haven’t hosted a brunch in a while so here goes! We’re bringin’ back the DIVA Choons for a very special brunch and workout on 30th March,' Fearless Moves posted to Facebook. 


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'It's going to be fun (slightly sweat-tastic!) HIIT class with easy dance moves throughout. The session will feature tons of mega DIVA choons.'

'Think Beyonce, Lady Gaga and loads more! No need to be a fitness freak to come along, it's about the chooons and chats (and eating afterwards, obviously!)'

A live DJ plays the tracks while an instructor takes you through the high impact moves – and it looks absolutely deadly. 

The class is then followed by a hearty brunch, with a set menu of three choices along with some tasty healthy beverages served by the lovely folks at Salad Box.

Tickets for the Diva Choons Brunch event are €34.96 and available NOW.