9 things all Tinder users know to be true


If you've been single at any stage over the last year or two, you've no doubt given Tinder a try. 

Maybe you use it purely for the joy of marvelling at just how many unattractive men there are in your area right now, or maybe you really are looking for something serious. Whatever the reason, Tinder doesn't care. It just wants you to swipe left and right to your heart's content until magic strikes and you get a match. Hurrah!

Here are a few things that every avid Tinder user knows as gospel…

1. If he looks too good to be true, he probably is
He might look drop-dead gorgeous in picture number one, but if his second, third and fourth pictures are all fuzzy shots of him standing with his back to you on a beach, then you might want to reconsider that right-swipe.


2. A profile with just one picture = serious alarm bells
Of all the pictures of you floating around in cyberspace, just ONE is worth showing off? Really?


3. Nothing beats the ego boost of getting an instant match with a total looker


4. It's never a done deal until you two arrange a date
We've all been there – you've been having epic chats with a match all evening and suddenly he just stops replying. WHY?!


5. Crafting the perfect bio takes skill
"I want to seem really, really funny, but still totally aloof and cool, y'know?"


6. As for deciding on the best combination of pictures? It can take hours.
"How come I'm holding a glass of wine in every single picture every taken of me?"


7. Starting a conversation with a weird "sexy" chat-up line is a big no-no
Shudder. Unmatch ASAP.


8. As is starting a conversation with "Hey" and nothing else
"Are you made of stone?"