Happy holidays? 9 reasons we cannot HACK town at Christmas


With all the lights and festive flare running rampant in our lovely little capital during the Christmas season, you would think that all of the locals would be in soaking up all the atmosphere of town in December. 

When actually, most of us are trying to avoid town like the absolute plague. 

1) The crowds 

I just want to walk up Henry street, buy a lipstick in MAC and go home. 


2) The traffic 

It doesn't even matter if you manage to avoid rush hour because in December, you can look forward to traffic ALL the time. 

3) The queues 

Want to walk around Dublin with a nice hot chocolate and soak in the festive cheer?

Make sure to pencil in the twenty minute queue for said hot chocolate. And also for anything else you may want to purchase 

4) The over zealous shoppers 

You really learn at Christmas that people are actually RUTHLESS. 

Do not go up against an Irish mammy with a load of shopping bags on the street because you will LOSE. 

5) The slow walkers 

Yes Dublin is beautiful and yes the lights are sparkly but I really just want to be able to walk up this street at a reasonable if not brisk pace. Thanks. 

6) The people who cannot use umbrellas 

Particularly relevant this year, is the onslaught of umbrellas because we are now forced to do our Christmas shopping in literal STORMS. 

Guard your eyeballs with your life people. 

7) The drunk people 

Don't get us wrong, we LOVE getting drunk at Christmas. 

But we don't like those who use the festive season to get so drunk that they literally destroy everything in their path (including the festive spirit). 

8) Penneys… in general 

All we want in life is to be able to go into Penneys and fill our baskets up with handy stocking fillers. 

But the crowds are exhausting and don't even get us started on the queues. And good luck if you want to get a matching festive PJs set in a size ten. 

9) Public transport 

Public transport at the best of times can be painful, but in December all modes of shepherding people to and from town become literal travelling boxes of sweat. 

The Luas gets a particular shout out on this one. 

We may just be feeling a bit grumpy after spending the last few weeks Christmas shopping but we do still think Dublin is amazing at Christmas. 

(But we personally won't be heading in til the New Year)