7 types of people you see during exam season


They stalk the library, they head home for the entire study week or they crawl into a ball and cry. Which person do you become during exam season?

1. The Confident Planner
Before even opening the paper and attempting to read any of the questions, you write down the exact time you’re allowing yourself for each section. You got this.


2. The Brave Level-Headed Soldier
If the soundtrack to your life was available, you would hear the pounding force of ‘Eye of the Tiger’ or the soaring string melody that plays as William Wallace fights for Scotland and FREEDOM. Armed and ready with your brand new pen in hand, and channelling every motivational speaker you watched in the last few weeks, you underline everything you think is important , making you feel in control; while the exam may take your life (social that is…let’s not be extreme) IT WILL NEVER TAKE YOUR FREEDOM: Enter William Wallace…

william wallace 1

3. The Extreme Worrier
You have hightlighted your ENTIRE book and nothing has gone into your head. Nothing.


4. Self-loather
Just should have started studying sooner. Whyyyyy!



5. Lurker
If you sit in the library long enough, somebody will help you. Somebody. “Hey, you! What questions are you planning? Can I see your notes?”


6. The Creative improvisation master
Wing it. Be grand.


7. The Optimist.
It can’t be worse than the Leaving Cert, so who cares?!


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