7 things only best friends will understand


As women, we constantly have one thousand odd things running through our head at the same time . Of course we usually keep these to ourselves, until we're with our best friend and we can just fully be ourselves and not regret a thing. Here are 7 things only best friends will understand. 

1. "I just changed my profiler, quick go and like it!"
Not an embarrassing pity like at all…


2. "I have to unbutton my jeans, knew I should have got the 10 instead of the 8."
Sprawled seductively across her bed in a food coma.


3. "You need to sort out your eyebrows, moustache and annoying chin hair."
But they keep my face warm, I thought you of all people would understand this.


4. "I'll screenshot the whole conversation and send it to you."
One must have iMessage turned on at all times.


5. "Then I was like 'You better not mess my best friend around' and he awkwardly laughed and left."
Just because I promised you I'm going to marry him it doesn't mean he actually knows I exist yet, but thanks for the support hun. 


6. "Do you think I have a chance with your hot cousin?"
Just say his name. I have a lot of cousins, how should I know which one is the hot one? 


7. "Don't let me creep on him anymore, it upsets me."
What is it with true friends and actually obeying you when you say this? Give me back my phone, I didn't mean what I said, I was vulnerable…