7 foods to eat for strong, healthy and enviable nails

Brittle nails – either easily peeling or splitting in the middle – is actually a pretty common beauty problem.

A lot of ladies blame it on getting older, soaking them in too much water or wearing nail polish a little too long, but have you ever thought that it could be what you are eating, or not eating so to speak?

There are certain foods you need in order to get essential vitamins and minerals to maintain good, strong nails.

Carrots and tuna
Both of these foods contain Vitamin A, an essential antioxidant.

Eggs and dairy
Vitamin D is important for hair follicle growth and can be found in these foods.

Nuts and beef
Both of these contain zinc which helps to maintain the skin.

Not everybody loves olives or actually likes them, but knowing they help to maintain your skin, hair and nails might make you change your mind.