7 dating rules you should definitely ignore

There are certain dating rules that need to be thrown out the window and let go. Like these for example:

1. Don’t call until three days after you get their number
No games – if you like him then call him! 


2. The man must always pay
Why? We're all for gender equality here so get that purse out missy! That said, if he says it's his treat, let him go for it, you can get the next one or buy him a few drinks after. 


3. Only date people with good jobs
If you fall for someone then fall for them and date them – not their job, their money or their position. You should concentrate on your own instead!

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4. Eat lightly on a first date
Listen, you may as well let him see you in all of your chicken wing, ice-cream sundae eating glory if this is going to go any further. Now, pass me 10,000 napkins. 

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5. It's a conversation not an interview
It is a little bit of an interview, no? But the position is very rewarding after all. 

6. Wait to have sex
Again, so what if you have sex on the first night? We’re all self respecting adults and if we mutually choose to have sex on the first date then so be it. Society isn’t going to tell you otherwise and you don’t have to feel ashamed either. You might want to wait so that you can get to know each other a bit better and build it up a bit, resulting in better sex, but it’s totally up to you.

7. Dress to impress
Be yourself – no need for fake hair, fake nails, fake eyelashes and all of that (unless that is you of course in which case go for it!) Of course you want to look nice, you're not going to turn up to the restaurant in pyjamas (the dream) but no need to stress about it either. 

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