5 ways to wear an over-sized jumper


The reason why some people look amazing from head to toe is not because they’ve spent loads on clothes, but because of the way they put their outfit together. With style, the way you wear something can turn more heads than the clothes you actually have on.

Here’s a few stylish ways you can rock an over-sized jumper without looking like a balloon.

Throw in a belt
Get rid of some bulk with a thick belt. This will give you a shape even under thick layers.

Collar it up
This is a timeless way to add some class to a jumper.

Leggings with style
Tights and leggings are something that have managed to stay in fashion. Since there are so many patterns to choose from you can play it safe or go a bit wild.

A scarf kinda gal
A complimentary scarf will take the attention away from the heaviness of your jumper and make people look at your beautiful face.

School days
You can never go wrong when you wear a big jumper with a mini skirt. Go ahead and flaunt those legs, what’s the hold up?