5 relationship deal breakers


Most relationships just can’t get past these big issues that are a part of life.

1. Jealousy
If one or both of you are constantly jealous it means there may be a lack of trust and no relationship will get past that.

2. Distance
If you are more like room-mates than a couple it won’t last too much longer. Try to change it if you can, if there is just too much distance then you need to let go.

3. He want kids, you don’t or vice versa
Children are a massive part of adulthood and ultimately if it something you want or don’t want and your other half disagrees it simply can’t last.

4. He is critical/you are critical
If one of you (or both) is overly critical, especially in public or very personally it isn’t a healthy relationship.

5. You want to get married, he doesn’t or vice versa
You need to decide if you can live your life without being married rather than hoping he will change his mind. If you can’t, then it may be time to move on. If it is you who doesn’t want to get married you need to figure out if it is a sacrifice you are willing to make for your significant other. If it isn’t, then you need to let go.