5 diet myths that are simply not true

Here are some of the most common diet tips that many of us live by, but actually don’t work.

Green tea

Some studies claim that sipping green tea can help you lose weight. But the truth is you would have to be drinking seven cups a day to match the number of compounds needed to actually burn fat.

All fats are the same

Not true, there is a significant difference between saturated and unsaturated fats. So cutting out some fatty foods in preference for other fats doesn’t guarantee weight loss.

Exercise estimates

This is unforuntaely also not accurate. The amount of calories you actually burn in an exercise session, can depend on your own metabolism.

Having a belly is fine

BMI (Body Mass Index) is a great indicator of whether someone could be considered overweight or obese but is not always fool proof. While a flat stomach is impossible, we shouldn’t ignore any weight gain around our waistline.

Your body shape affects your weight gain

Many experts claim that those who have pear shaped figure are less prone to gaining weight in comparison to those who are apple shaped. This isn’t necessarily true. It doesn’t matter what shape your figure is, any excess fat is unhealthy.