5 cruel (but effective) excuses to use when dumping someone


There are some perfectly acceptable excuses for dumping your significant other, however, if those don't work – try these! 60% of the time, they work every time. 

1. You’re leaving the country
Long distance relationships just don’t work these days and you don’t have a Skype account so you should just leave it there. Lets just hope they’re not like Janice from Friends and follow you to the airport.

2. Tell Them You’re Gay
Hey, you might be – you're young you need to figure it out. 

3. You’ve Decided To Join A Convent/The Priesthood
You’re putting your faith first and becoming a nun/priest and staying together would be against God’s wishes.

Gangnam Style Nuns by Jeff Geerling

4. Your Dad Owns A Gun
If this doesn’t scare him off we don’t know what will.

5. You’re Actually Secretly Married 
Hopefully they’ll be happy for you and even buy you a belated wedding gift.

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